Results for Bedford 6, 22-May-2012

Seven Sphinx AC runners made the trip down the M1 to run the latest of this year’s East Midlands Grand Prix series.

Official results are here:

Pos Gen Cat No Name Cat Time
5 5 2 1249 Ashley Miles M40 33:27 Sphinx AC
105 89 37 1266 Quentin Henry MS 41:42 Sphinx AC
111 95 12 122 Mitch Timms M50 42:11 Sphinx AC
216 169 63 1379 Luke Makins MS 48:27 Sphinx AC
255 66 12 435 Mary Bench F45 52:18 Sphinx AC
257 191 30 1595 Bob Torley M50 52:38 Sphinx AC
294 84 16 246 Julie Cozens F45 57:18 Sphinx AC
Ash and Janine Miles got some pics:

Mitch Timms provided this narrative:

Seven Sphinx runners made the trip down the M1 for the third of the EMGP series at Bedford. The race HQ was Bedford Athletics Stadium, home to such illustrious names as Paula Radcliffe, Liz Yelling, etc. Suitably inspired/impressed we wandered down to the start, some 15 minutes away in ‘The Priory Marina’. The course was a circular track with a narrow start, but flat as the proverbial pancake, through trees and around an idyllic lake with dazzling reflections (ok Julie?). Conditions were very warm and the water station at mile 3 proved most welcome.

The Volcano that is Ash claimed second prize in the’ Not Too Old Gits’ category with a quality time of 33:27 and Monsieur Quentin on his last run before his summer sabbatical a Parie clocked a creditable 41:42. Luke limped home with a hamstring strain on his EMGP debut, but hopefully just a twinge. Overall plenty of panting and sweating, but an enjoyable soiree was had by all. Highlight of the evening has to be Julie’s vain attempts to explain the delights of samosas to our Thierry and our franglais translations of such delicasies of lime pickle, mango chutney, etc. – you had to be there!

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