Results for A Coventry Way challenge, 07-Apr-2013

Four Sphinx AC runners took park in this 40-mile off-road challenge around the Coventry district.

Official results are here:

Steve Colbourne 7:22
Craig Pears 9:32
Jackie Timms 10:22
Mitch Timms 10:22

Mitch said:

Four Sphinx runners completed this 40 mile off-road run around the little known Coventry Way. Conditions under foot and weather wise were almost perfect. There was still some snow lying in places, but only Corley Moor presented any real muddy conditions. Jackie and I completed the course in 10 hours 22 minutes. Plenty of food and drink en route and at the end. Obviously exhausting, but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyable. A very well organised event, thanks mainly to the efforts of Sphinx’s very own Bob Carey. Relay teams are allowed and something the club might well wish to consider for next year. Congratulations to Steve Colbourne and Craig Pears on their successful completion. “A grand day out”…

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