Results for the WRRL BRAT 5k, 09-Aug-2017

4 Sphinx runners made the trip over to Birmingham for a 5k race, with Jackie getting an all-time PB for 5k!

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Results for the Stratford 6 (WRRL), 22-Jul-2017

19 Sphinx runners ran the latest race in the Warwickshire Road Race League, the Stratford Summer 6. Conditions were damp and cool and helped Pawel, Paul C, Amarjit, Imran, Andy H, Rachael, Vickie and Sally-Anne to PBs (according to RunBritain).

The next WRRL race is the BRAT 5k on Weds, 9th August.

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Results for the Northbrook 10k, 09-Jul-2017

32 Sphinx runners completed this popular and challenging 10k race, which is part of the WRRL and also our club 10k championship race where the first man and lady win the Bagley trophy. Well done to Catherine Gough on being first lady.

The nest WRRL race is the Stratford 6 on Saturday 22nd July.

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Results for the Arden 9 (WRRL), 18-Jun-2017

17 Sphinx runners completed the 6th race in the Warwickshire Road Race League, over the unusual distance of 9 miles.

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Results for the Two Castles 10k, 11-Jun-2017

24 Sphinx runners completed this popular race between Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle.

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Results for the Monty 5k (WRRL), 30-Apr-2017

8 Sphinx runners completed the second race in the Warwickshire Road Race League, with a course that starts and finishes on a running track.

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Results for the Godiva Autumnal 5, 24-Aug-2016

12 Sphinx runners completed this 5 mile race at the Memorial Park, with congratulations to Lisa Abbott and Vickie Hand for achieving PBs.

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Results for the Stratford 6 (WRRL), 23-Jul-2016

16 Sphinx runners completed this evening race in humid conditions. The race starts and finishes at Mary Arden’s house and winds around the surrounding countryside, with a few hills thrown in there to keep it interesting 🙂

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Results for the Monty 5k (WRRL), 29-Jun-2016

Paul Slatford, Lisa Abbott and Imran Ali competed in the newest WRRL race, a 5km course around Leamington that finished with a lap of the running track that produced some excellent finishing straight gurning faces (check out the photos below). Pre-race reports of a flat and fast course may have been exaggerated.

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Results for the Arden 9, 19-Jun-2016

Thanks to Lisa for the following communiqué:

There was a good turn out of Team Sphinx for The Arden 9. A slightly odd distance for some but the perfect opportunity for another social gathering. The late start on Fathers day meant a bit of a lie in and time to open presents for the fathers amongst us. Mitch aside who was feeling slightly concerned having not even received a fathers day text. This was soon resolved as (ailment free) Jamie and (£2 for an expresso Dave) stepped up as honoury sons for the day. A good show of Mitche’s ‘Go faster socks’ could only mean one thing, Mitch had now become style icon. They are now going on eBay for twice the value!

As we set off temperatures were soon on the up as well as spirits as we were one step closer to the pub. It was a great course which was well marshalled. As usual The legend that is Tim Numan was snapping away at mile 5. I couldn’t decide weather to work my face or flying feet so I did neither as my now bored Massey pacer ran off into the distance leaving just me, myself and I for the remaining 4 miles. I’ve been left wondering if we can fund Tim to do a photoshop course to make me more photogenic!

A few miles from home came the lake where there was an array sugar daddies with their rods at the ready. If this had been tinder I would have been swiping left and they’d have ended up in the lake.

This was Vicki’s longest run to date in preparation for a potential half marathon. She exceeded her own expectations and unleashed her inner athlete. Vicky didnt need a hand as she stormed the finish saying ” I’ve ran 9 mile for no medal” . The goody bag in itself was a little disappointing, if you were quick enough you were worthy of a banana where as the the lesser athlete ended up with a packet of buttons, a broken pen (if you were lucky) and some out of date sweets. We did receive a fab t-shirt though so all is forgiven! As we went off to local pub the White Lion we realised it had (aa) in the post code. A sign perhaps…

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