Results for the Ston (Croatia) Marathon and 15km, 30-Sep-2017

Thanks to Phil Wilson and Steve Court for the following reports: PW: Ston is a small town approximately 40 miles north of Dubrovnik in Croatia. Ston has the longest town walls in Europe, second only to the great wall of China, and it also holds a marathon which involves running along the walls. So a group of Sphinxies thought we would give it a go. Myself, Stuart, Bryan and Scourty ran the marathon and ex Sphinxie Garry Capell ran the 15K.

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Results for the Derwentwater Trail Race 15km, 05-Sep-2015

Ian Cunningham completed this 15km trail race, which is part of Lakeland Trails series. As can be seen from the elevation profile below, it looked like a race of roughly two halves. Well done, Ian!


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