Club Handicap

Sphinx AC Club Handicap Races

The club run a summer series of handicap races and also 3 nominated road races over varying distances. The summer series races are arranged by the club, whereas the nominated races are local road races. Details are below:

Summer Series

The six races in the series are held on quiet country roads in six locations near to Coventry.

Each race incorporates three different competitions.

Competition is open to all senior members of the club and any juniors over the age of 14 who are able to complete the distance in a respectable time.

The juniors are eligible for their own competitions.

There are usually 2 races on Sunday mornings starting at 11:00 a.m and 4 evening races starting at 7:00 p.m. Results and trophies are presented on the day while having a social drink at the nearest pub.



  • Fastest runner collects 100 points, second 99 points etc.
  • Best 4 scores out of six races to count.


  • First runner over the line collects 100 points, second 99 points etc.


The handicap organiser will predict your time for the course.

  • 5 points will be awarded to the nearest prediction, 4 points to the second nearest with 1 point for the 5th nearest.
  • Points are also awarded for the first 5 over the finishing line in the race.
  • All runners who do a personal best on the course will collect 5 points.
  • An additional bonus point will be awarded for completing 5 races.
  • An extra 2 points will be awarded for completing all 6 races.

All races count towards this coveted trophy.

Nominated Road Races (5 miles, 10 miles and half-marathon)

There are also 3 handicap races over 5 miles, 10 miles and half marathon distances.

The winner of each race is the runner whose actual time beats the time estimated by the handicap organiser by the greatest margin.