Two castles team shenanigans

We need a consensus on how Sphinx AC should be represented in the two castles race in June.

The team list is here:

I’ve received an email tonight that says:

some of you have entered your team name differently to others, this will be obvious when you look at the page. You or your colleagues will need to log back in (instructions above) and update your team name as necessary

This is absolutely true for Sphinx AC, whose entrants are currently listed under FIVE different names:

  • SPHINX [2]
    • Michael Irwin
  • Sphinx A/C [2]
    • Jacqueline Timms
    • Mitchell Timms
  • Sphinx AC [4]
    • Robert Anderson
    • Bernard Blundell
    • Thomas Delaney
    • William Robertson
  • Sphinx AC Coventry [1]
    • Alan Patrick
  • Sphinx Athletics Club [1]
    • Ian Gower

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