2010 Sphinx AC Summer 5

The 2010 race took place in the glow of a glorious summer evening with a field of 227 tackling the suprisingly undulating course that navigates the pathways and trails of Coventry’s premier park. First over the line in a time of 27:31 was Ed Banks (Bromsgrove & Redditch), first lady was Jenni Muston (Charnwood) in 25th place overall stopping the clock at 31:42.


The full 2010 Sphinx Summer 5 results can be found here:


More detailed results and a gallery of photos can be found here


Some reviews of the 2010 Sphinx AC Summer 5:

“Ran the Sphinx Summer 5 last night round the Memorial Park. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like running and if someone had said, lets not, I would quite easily walked away!! But I didn’t, and in fact really anjoyed the run. We gathered at the start, like packs of animals waiting to pounce. Groups of Northbrookers (my club), groups of Centurians and loads of Sphinx runners. I knew it was going to be a challenge when I saw some of the people that I was up against. But I had to get my mind in order and just get on with it. Gun (or bleeper thingy) went off and so did we!! Started at a reasonable pace and decided my aim was to keep up with ‘Jack the Legend’ and Mallory, 2 runners that always disappear in to the distance at most races. However, tonight, once I had got going, I felt good and comfortable and managed to hang on both of them.  Zipped past one or two runners along the course to finish only just behind a couple of my fellow clubmates before heading straight for the cake table!!Our prize for the night, apart from a medal, was a pile of fairy cakes – yummy!!!!!
I’ll do this next time if the cakes are as good!!”

“Coventry’s Evening summer 5 mile road race. Wednesday evening was so simply perfect in every way possible. The outer perimetter path and road at Coventry’s War Memorial park is never easy either direction when running pushing a wheelchair, but we have run so many races there – it’s always a pleasure to go back and train or race again so we ran with 225 others and ran the 2 and 3/4 lap ( 5 miles ) in around 44.44 it was perfect in every way. Weather, ( Humid ), at times just a light breeze, the run itself, the fun and enjoyment of just doing what we do, and of course seeing everyone, chatting with loads of friends –
They and others we dont know made it all so worth it”