Results for Wycombe Half Marathon, 17-Jul-2011

Three Sphinx AC runners (eventually) ran today, having started 35 minutes late due to the M40 being closed.

Official results are here but are fairly meaningless:

What’s known at the moment:

  • Mark Coyle finished after around 1:41:00 running, with Mitch Timms finishing just a few seconds later.
  • Northbrook AC’s Dave Fawkner finished two minutes later, having run in place of Pete Morgan.
  • Luke Makins finished approximately three minutes after Dave, having run in place of Jackie Timms, but (at the time of writing) there was no record of him.

Being so late to the event, other problems kicked in, complicating things further. It’s likely that a humourous write-up of this debacle will appear on the members’ site at some point!

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