Results for Walsall XC relays, 06-Oct-2012

Sphinx AC fielded a total of five teams at this cross-country relay event. Each leg was 3.97 miles, comprising two laps of a relatively flat course (for once!). Weather was kind, which was a mercy because there was no shelter. The atmosphere was really friendly, with our friends from Northbrook, Centurions and Kenilworth shouting us on throughout the course.

Official results are here:


24  257  Sphinx AC A  Kyza Derby        0:24:09  Nick Gilkes       0:25:49  Michael Wall      0:27:16  Peter  Hall       0:26:39  Total             1:43:5333  258  Sphinx AC B  Dave Kelly        0:30:43  Luke Makins       0:27:51  Bernard Blundell  0:29:51  Mitch  Timms      0:29:12  Total             1:57:37


12   45  Sphinx AC A  Jackie Timms      0:33:35  Mallory English   0:28:09  Sally Parkins     0:31:47  Total             1:33:3115   46  Sphinx AC B  Laura Pibworth    0:36:01  Kirsty Spencer    0:35:54  Jackie Stuart     0:33:27  Total             1:45:2219   47  Sphinx AC C  Darina Brejtrova  0:36:25  Fiona Quinn       0:39:13  Jayne Anderson    0:39:02  Total             1:54:40


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