Results for Walsall XC relays, 05-Oct-2013

Sphinx AC supplied five teams for the hugely enjoyable XC relays at Walsall Arboretum.

Each runner ran two 3k laps (so a total of 6k, ~3.75 miles each). Uncharacteristcally for an XC event, conditions were dry, bright, mild and there was no wind! The course was also largely flat, with only a slight rise in the approach to the finish and we were spared any surprise ditches or mudbaths.

Official results are here (PDF):

24 Seniors A
Kyza Derby 22:29
Wayne Broadbent 25:58
Luke Makins 26:27
Colin Piper 24:15 1:39:09

7 Masters A
Ashley Miles 21:03
Pete Hall 23:29
Nick Gilkes 23:33
Trevor Clark 27:02 1:35:07

11 Masters B
Andy McIntosh 27:40
Kevin Naughton 25:49
Ben Orme 25:45
Bernard Blundell 26:18 1:45:32

21 Seniors A
Jackie Timms 30:32
Fiona Quinn 35:04
Laura Pibworth 31:54 1:37:30

24 Seniors B
Megan Miller 30:57
Helen King 37:23
Amy Frank 31:44 1:40:04

There may be some inaccuracies in these results, as other timings made on the day disagree with the values above.

Some photos:

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