Results for Threshold 10K, 27-Dec-2011

Five Sphinx AC runners took part in the latest of this season’s off-road 10K races.

Official results are here:

Mitch Timms writes:
5 Sphinx and Dave Fawkner did this event today in the Warwickshire Alps.
The course was up and down – literally! It essentially comprised one hill up on the way out and one hill down on the way back.
Pumpkin soup at the finish and gloves or a mug as a momento.
Well done Jackie Stuart – first lady of a certain age.

00:45:56 30 Mark Coyle
00:48:09 39 Mitch Timms
00:59:23 96 Jackie Stuart
01:02:31 115 Rob Stuart
01:05:36 128 Sam Wooding

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