Results for the Trailffest, 23-Sep-2017

5 Sphinx runners completed this challenging but picturesque trail half-marathon. Jackie Timms completed her fourth Trailffest in a row; Tom Padgett and Katie Timms their second in a row; Mitch returned to running it after having to spectate last year; and Laura Pibworth-Dolinski made her debut and loved it!

Thanks to Laura for the pictures and ‘Relive’ video:

Thanks to Jackie for the following photos:


Pos Name Time
113 Laura Pibworth-Dolinski 02:47:45
146 Mitch Timms 03:41:07
147 Tom Padgett 03:41:08
148 Katie Timms 03:41:25
149 Jackie Timms 03:41:29

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