Results for the Sixteenth Annual Valley and Views, 24-Apr-2016

We have the following report from Kev Naughton:

On offer is a choice of routes 26, 16, 6, & 3ml….How much….26/16 @ £4.00 and 6mls @ £1.00

There is nothing flat about the 16 mile middle course, a mixture of off road linked by tarmac sections.

Weather bright with sunshine and a strong fresh northerly breeze

A printed course route + checkpoints to negotiate which offers hospitality/refreshments (food & drink)

English breakfast available to purchase ‘All Day’ @ £3.50 plus a range of breakfast sandwiches @ £1.00. All tea/coffees free

Oh and yes….you can park your car directly outside the village hall without charge, how wonderful.

Kevin Naughton…16mls…2.50hrs allowing for checkpoint feeding stations & hospitality

Alternative, run London marathon with 40k people, I’ll swerve that. Colbourne & Luke completed 26mls. With no results as yet

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