Results for the PC O’Brien Primary Schools Race, 22-May-2010

PC Joe O’Brien was a local beat policeman in Ernsford Grange who was tragically killed 28 years ago while directing traffic during a road race. This race is held annually in his memory and actually consists of two races – one for the local feeder schools for Ernsford Grange and one for guest schools.

The first race on Saturday was for the feeder schools and included Joseph Gilkes who goes to Clifford Bridge School. He was in 6th place after the mad rush of a start that these races usually are nad gradually worked his way through until he overtook the hare to win quite comfortably!

In the guest schools race we had Alfie Mead from Sacred Heart School who caught up with the hare before the runners had gone too far and won as comfortably as Joseph had in his race. So a Win Double for Sphinx youngsters! We did have other juniors running but unfortunately the race organisers don’t issue an overall finishing list.

Contributed by Paul Bergin

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