Results for the National XC Championships (Parliament Hill), 24-Feb-2018

Thanks to Wayne for the following report:

This year’s national cross country championship, meant a sphinx day out in London at Parliament Hill,

We had 12 sphinx men putting on the spikes for the final time this season, great effort from everyone over the constant hills and swamp in windy conditions

thanks to Fi for not only supporting everyone but arranging the train times and a top quality recovery session in the pub after the race

Thanks for everyone who has taken part in all the xc races this season for the club, and it won’t be long before we are getting ready to go again in November, and if you not done one before just give them a go,

Thanks to Fi for the following photos:


Pos Time Name
726 0:44:09 Laura Pibworth-Dolinski
844 0:46:28 Lisa Abbott
892 0:48:05 Rachael Allen
930 0:49:10 Collette O’Keefe
973 0:50:36 Helen King
992 0:51:20 Victoria O’Brien

Pos Time Name
787 0:51:53 David Brewis
1034 0:54:17 Allen El-Sour
1169 0:55:35 Rob Wheatley
1407 0:57:55 James Abrams
1582 0:59:58 Craig Robinson
1717 1:01:29 Colin Piper
1755 1:02:02 Paul Slatford
1872 1:04:07 Wayne Broadbent
1896 1:04:28 Anthony O’Brien
1933 1:04:56 Barrie Adams
2082 1:08:26 Barry Allen
2190 1:12:31 Imran Ali

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