Results for the Midlands Spring Road Relays, 17-Mar-2018

Thanks to Wayne for the following report:

12 sphinx men and 6 ladies, turned out in horrible condition to run in this year’s SPRING!!!!!! relay, at Sutton Park

As you can see from the pictures the club tent became a hobbit house , as we had to lower it to the minimum and put all kit around the sides to stop them ending in Scotland due to the relentless wind, at one point the comment, it was bloody warmer in Norway, summed things up!!!!!!!

Many of the legs had very mixed conditions from a hail blizzard to 5 mins later clear warm sunshine, then the guys on the mass start just had the snow to deal with,

Thankyou to both teams for taking part and hopefully you have all now defrosted and are in the pub pretending to be from the emerald Isle for paddy’s day


Name Pos Time
Paul Slatford 49 00:36:30
Andrew Mcintosh 48 00:38:36
Wayne Broadbent 47 00:37:37
David West 47 00:38:20
Jack Edwards 47 00:19:43
Alex Bartlett 46 00:20:09
Kevin Dick 45 00:22:02
Peter Whitehouse 45 00:27:29
Ian Gower 43 00:21:42
Trevor Clark 41 00:22:26
Nicholas Gilkes 39 00:22:26
Anthony O’Brien 38 00:22:14

Name Pos Time
Jane Edwards 38 00:42:08
Victoria Brewin 36 00:29:03
Victoria O’brien 39 00:48:03
Rachael Allen 35 00:26:20
Jackie Stuart 33 00:28:41
Lisa Abbott 33 00:26:45

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