Results for the Midland Road Relay Championships, 02-Apr-2016

We have the following reports from our captains; firstly, Fi:

In true Sphinx style I said I did not need directions or a Sat Nav in order to get to a race so with that in mind and after only one wrong turn the ladies arrived at Sutton Park for the road relays. The sun was out and also it seemed that most of Sutton Coldfield were out as well because the park was very busy. Thankfully we arrived just in time to see the men finishing putting up the tent……… we timed that well!!!

The relays for the ladies this year changed slightly which meant that instead of all legs running the same distance, this year legs 1 & 3 were 5 miles and legs 2, 4, 5 & 6 were 3 miles. Lisa started the team off then followed by myself, Laura, Helen, Vicky and Chris. Well done to all of the team you did brilliantly and we had a great time. No matter what Bergs says …… You are here to enjoy yourselves!!!

During the race the club tent next to ours produced a very good picnic which included a cool box with cider and beers. Well, Sphinx got serious envy so some of us headed to the pub within the park grounds and bought back post-race refreshments.

A massive well done to all the ladies and men who took part in the race as it is a hilly course and it was getting warm as well. There was a really good atmosphere at the race as usual with each Sphinx runner getting a massive cheer as we each approached the finish line.

Towards the end of the day it was decided by the officials that the last 3 legs of the mens race would have a mass-start because it was starting to get late in the afternoon. The rest of Sphinx stayed to watch Imran, Lee and Pete bring it home for the team. It was great to see all three men running together as they approached the finish line and keeping each other going. Imran even managed a smile and a thumbs up. Well done lads!!!

and Wayne:

On Saturday a small herd of sphinx completed the midland 12 and 6 stage relay at Sutton park. As this was to be a long day the new shelter got its 2nd outing. with lessons learned from last time it was fully up and home to cakes very quickly. Later to be replaced by a few re-hydrating cold beers.

the ladies had 2 long legs and 4 shorter 5km legs and the men had 4 long legs and then 8 5km legs, which took a little on the day moving of people about (which did then involve talking to a very fussy official, which was a challenge !!!!!) to make sure there was always the next runner waiting at the start , as no runner could do more than 1 leg.

well done to everyone who took part in a very enjoyable day with Pete running for the club for the 1st time and special thanks to Lee Timms for taking the honour of the last leg and for finding the event and asking if we can put a team together.

Photos aplenty (courtesy of Fi, Helen, Andrejs, Wayne, Rob):

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Overall Pos Runner Time
48 Rob Wheatley 00:34:29
51 Allen El-Sour 00:35:56
43 Andrejs Blakunovs 00:31:03
47 Jamie Richards 00:40:54
47 Andy Wilkinson 00:19:56
48 David West 00:24:21
49 Mark Moran 00:25:08
48 Wayne Broadbent 00:21:13
45 Nick Gilkes 00:21:14
48 Peter Whitehouse 00:30:15
47 Imran Ali 00:30:08
48 Lee Timms 00:30:09
47   05:44:46


Overall Pos Runner Time
47 Lisa Abbott 00:42:33
52 Fiona Quinn 00:30:30
46 Laura Duggins 00:41:15
44 Helen King 00:28:27
46 Vicky O’Brien 00:29:46
46 Christine Thomas 00:33:56
46   03:26:27

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