Results for the London Marathon, 23-Apr-2017

Congratulations to Mark Moran, Sue Gough, Kevin Dick and Vicki O’Brien on completing the 2017 London Marathon, cheered on by super-supporters Fi and Chrissy. Mark achieved a sub-4hr time, which was a PB by half-an-hour! Sue’s time was just over 4 hours and included the impressive feat of negative splitting. Kevin Dick and Vicki O’Brien both finished in less than 4 3/4 hours, possibly a PB for both.

Well done to the runners and supporters!

Thanks to Fi for the following photos:

2017-London-Marathon (photos by Fi)


Place overall Place gender Place category Name Category Half Finish
12588 9670 4615 Mark Moran 18-39 1:58:19 3:57:39
14061 3418 305 Sue Gough 50-54 2:02:13 4:03:08
23128 16197 7882 Kevin Dick 18-39 1:53:41 4:40:07
23708 7190 3965 Victoria O’Brien 18-39 2:13:10 4:42:23

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