Results for the Huncote Hash, 31-Dec-2017

9 Sphinx runners completed this race that “covers approximately 10K and takes in local footpaths around the village of Huncote in Leicestershire, including a climb over Croft Hill and the odd skirmish into the stream. Snow, ice, frost, mud and even sunshine have all graced the Hash over the years”.


Pos Name Time
46 James Abrams 00:52:33
69 Andy McIntosh 00:54:21
92 Wayne Broadbent 00:57:53
101 Kevin Naughton 00:58:27
102 Bryan Pears 00:58:46
165 Craig Pears 01:07:00
236 Jackie Timms 01:16:30
237 Mitch Timms 01:16:31
317 Victoria Hand 01:31:06

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