Results for the Hilly 100, 14-May-2017

Thanks to Wayne for the following report:

It’s ok the hilly hundred is always on a nice summer day , was the conversation the Thursday before this years race , so naturally at very early o clock on Sunday it was chucking it down , but did get better throughout the day,
Things going well on the early 3 legs , no wrong directions and safely tucking into scones and cake by 11am , job done

Pawel takes the tricky leg 4 and dave then is 12 mins quicker than same leg last year ,
Then bang , kev is injured early on leg 6 and pawel had to return from the back of the car to complete the remaining 6 mile (thankyou matey ) so the baton could continue on its journey through the Cotswolds towards Morton in marsh then to leg 9 and up and down illmington hill

Before handing over to eggman for leg 10 , a section he knows very well , even more so this year as his lift got stuck in traffic , so Steve did what only Steve would do and that is to run the 10 miles from the finish line back out to the start of leg 10 , making it with minutes to spare before the baton arrived and he set of back off towards Stratford to complete the race !!!!!!!

Thankyou to everyone who took part and in the day , driving , navigating , running , getting lost !!!!

A small selection of photos:



1 Rob Wheatley 1:04:02
2 Paul Slatford 1:13:15
3 Wayne Broadbent 1:21:15
4 Pawel Langer 1:09:20
5 Dave West 1:10:32
6 Kev Dick 1:13:48
7 Allen El-Sour 1:14:46
8 Craig Robinson 1:12:26
9 Nick Gilkes 1:16:20
10 Steve Colbourne 1:19:56


1 Fiona Quinn 1:38:00
2 Helen King 1:48:00
3 Laura Pibworth-Dolinski 1:48:00
4 Mark Moran 1:25:00
5 Tracey Wood 1:34:00
6 Kev Naughton 1:26:00
7a Andy Hales 0:43:54
7b Vicky Brewin 0:47:29
8 Vicky O’Brien 1:32:23
9 Lisa Abbott 1:20:40
10a Jackie Timms 0:46:30
10b Mitch Timms 0:45:08

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