Results for the Cross-Country relays, 17-Oct-2015

We have the following reports from our captains; firstly, Fiona:

The cross country relays took place in Uttoxeter which was the first time for all of us on the course so we didn’t know what to expect. The course was made up of two laps around Bramshall Road Park. The rain stayed away which was nice but it did mean that there wasn’t much slipping and sliding around the course. There were two water features but they were only small, I think these were included just to break us in gently in preparation for Leamington on the 7th November!!!! The race was an uphill finish which was tough going but thankfully there was tea and cake waiting for us at the end J

and from Wayne:

Four sphinx men and 6 ladies made the trip up north (although it was just about in the midlands) for the 5km relay in Uttoxeter. Equality playing a part we raced over the same distance as the ladies ,

Not a day for spikes as the ground was too hard especially the 200m tarmac path section which they forgot to mention on the course description. It did have 2 water crossings which acted like a warm up for Newbold Common next month !!!!!

Very high standard of running and we managed 34th place out of 38 teams. Although highlight of leg I was in 5th place going around the first corner, which was only 60mts from the start however that was as good as it got for the captain as then went backwards down the field. Well done to Sphinx ladies who again managed to put out two teams. Thanks to Fi for Photo’s.

Photos, courtesy of Fiona:

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121 Sphinx AC [A] 1:18:54

1 Sue Gough (26) 24:18

2 Monika Ciezarek (23)

3 Jackie Stuart (25) 29:20

122 Sphinx AC [B] 1:23:35

1 Fiona Quinn (32) 28:28

2 Helen King (29) 28:03

3 Laura Pibworth-Dolinski (27) 27:04

34 Sphinx AC 1:23:37

1 Wayne Broadbent (39) 21:39

2 Jamie Richards (37) 20:00

3 David West (37) 21:55

4 Colin Piper (34) 20:03

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