Results for the Birmingham International Marathon, 15-Oct-2017

Thanks to Darren Hallett for the following report and photo:

I decided to give the inaugural Birmingham Marathon a go. Starting at Alexander stadium the course cuts through the middle of the city centre before heading out towards Bourneville (via Edgebaston) for a couple of 9 mile loops before finishing back in the centre. The course was wall marshalled and support was steady throughout. Other than one steep hill near Bourneville the course was relatively flat with only a couple of areas of undulation. With staggered starts, the second lap of the loop saw the mixing of people on lap one with those who started an hour earlier, on lap two.

For me the race went well with the exception of the loss of some carefully applied tape at around 6km. This led to a rather strange (but more comfortable) look with the sphinx vest. Coming in just over 3 hours 11 I was happy with the time on the day.

Considering this was the first time this event has ran I thought that it went smoothly and would recommend to those considering for 2018.


Name Pos Finish Time
Darren Hallett 157 3:11:42
Amarjit Randhawa 1266 3:57:29
Andy Wilkinson 2852 4:37:36

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