Results for Sutton Park road relays, 21-Sep-2013

Eight women and six men represented Sphinx AC at the Sutton Park road relays yesterday.

The women’s relays consisted of four women per team (so we had two teams), each running 4.315 km = 2.68 miles.

The men’s relays consisted of six men per team (so we only had one team), each running 5.847 km = 3.63 miles, though 3.68 was Garmin’d.

Conditions started off quite mild but quickly warmed up with direct sunlight beating down over most of the course. The event itself was packed, with teams from all over the district and as far afield as Bristol.

Women’s official results are here:

53 Sphinx AC 'B' 1:24:03Jane Edwards (57)      19:58Amy Frank (64)         22:34Catherine Gough (54)   19:31Laura Pibworth (53)    22:00
69 Sphinx AC 'A' 1:30:20Megan Miller (78)      22:16Christine Thomas (77)  23:13Fiona Quinn (73)       23:59Susan Gough (69)       20:52

Men’s official results are here:

65 Sphinx Ac     2:23:13Ashley Miles (34)      20:07Bernard Blundell (79)  26:58Colin Piper (77)       23:40Nick Gilkes (73)       24:01Pete Hall (68)         23:16Michael Wall (65)      25:11

Some photos are here:

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