Results for Northbrook Handicap, 07-Sep-2011

Four Sphinx AC runners ran as guests in the last of this year’s Northbrook AC handicap races, with Janine Miles finishing second overall on her first attempt.

Official results are here:

Name Pos Time
Mark Smith 23 18:07
Bernard Blundell 9 21:30
Mitch Timms 27 21:49
Janine Miles 2 30:02

The season’s personal best times are:

Name Time
Ashley Miles 16:45
Mark Smith 18:01
Mallory English 20:00
Kevin Naughton 20:51
Lucy Smith 21:02
Mitch Timms 21:26
Bernard Blundell 21:30
Tom Marchi 27:08
Stinder Johl 28:29
Janine Miles 30:02

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