Results for Northbrook handicap, 06-Jun-2012

Nine Sphinx AC runners ran as guests in the latest of Northbrook’s handicaps. This is a very well-attended club handicap race, which uses the same 5k route every time – making it obvious when you’ve achieved a PB or a PW! The first half of the route is mostly uphill, including Staircase Lane in Allesley. Once you’ve reached the top of Brown’s Lane, it’s pretty much downhill all the way and the dovetailing becomes extreme.

Official results are here:

Pos Time Name
23 18:31 Andrejs Blakunovs
15 20:41 Mark Coyle
14 21:08 Mitch Timms
32 21:48 Wayne Broadbent
33 22:06 Bernard Blundell
3 22:37 Chris Tait
17 26:32 Laura Pibworth
47 29:47 Tom Marchi
2 30:39 Fiona Quinn
(These results are sorted by running tim; with it being a handicap race, runners set off at different times so overall places aren’t as meaningful)

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