Results for National XC championships, 19-Feb-2011

On an absolutely horrendous course at Alton Towers, that would almost abandoned as the First Aid personnel couldn’t access certain parts due to overwhelming muddy conditions, Sphinx AC fielded a full men’s team which finished 85th out of 95 teams with the following individual results over the reduced 10k course
552 48:18 Mike Wall
747 51:21 Nick Gilkes
1066 58:40 Albert McCosker
1116 60:29 Phil Wilson
1151 61:48 Dave Kelly
1159 62:08 Mitch Timms
1180 62:53 Charlie Foster
1259 69:23 Paul Bergin
There were 1,302 finishers in this race although well over 1,500 started.
Other results:
U13 Boys: 3Km 229 10:46 Joseph Gilkes (327 finishers)
U20 Women: 6Km 72 32:28 Mallory English (111 finishers)
Sen Ladies: 6km 517 43:50 Julie Cozens (552 finishers)

Results contributed by Paul Bergin

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