Results for Midlands XC relays, 02-Oct-2010

Seven Sphinx AC runners participated in this challenging event in Melton Mowbray. Paul Bergin and Jackie Stuart also attended and the best photo of the day was taken by Jess.

Official website is here (eye bleach may be needed):

The following report was contributed by Paul Bergin:

Depending on who you talk to each leg was 2 miles…or 3 miles…or 4,26 miles! Whatever it the distance, the course was a touch undulating!!
Ladies Team: Jackie Timms 38.46, Mallory English 33.28, Lucy Smith 34.12
Mens Team: Mark Smith 28.06, Bernard Blundell 33.49, Mitch Timms 35.30, Dave Kelly 34.31
A Garmin GPS watch recorded the distance as 4.26 miles.

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