Results for Midlands Championships XC, 25-Jan-2014

Sphinx AC men and women attended the Midlands XC championships at Newbold Comyn in absolutely atrocious weather and running conditions.

The morning had been dry and bright, but a storm came in from the west as the event was about to get underway. Torrential rain, thunder & lightning, hail and wind made conditions very unpleasant for the runners. The infamous ditch at Newbold was considerably swollen, claiming many a victim on the day.

Official results are here (PDF):


 65  0:38:31  Kathryn  Stuart    Sphinx  AC162  0:47:29  Sue      Gough     Sphinx  AC166  0:47:52  Jackie   Timms     Sphinx  AC176  0:48:45  Monika   Ciezarek  Sphinx  AC197  0:51:47  Laura    Pibworth  Sphinx  AC199  0:52:08  Megan    Miller    Sphinx  AC216  0:58:04  Fiona    Quinn     Sphinx  AC217  0:58:19  Helen    King      Sphinx  AC219  0:58:42  Jackie   Stuart    Sphinx  AC

Women’s team result

22  569  Sphinx AC  ( 65 162 166 176 )
 76  0:45:48  Ashley    Miles      Sphinx  AC260  0:54:58  Michael   Wall       Sphinx  AC276  0:57:09  Maxwell   Kmicic     Sphinx  AC289  0:58:05  Colin     Piper      Sphinx  AC322  1:00:57  Wayne     Broadbent  Sphinx  AC328  1:02:14  Mitchell  Timms      Sphinx  AC360  1:08:32  Dave      Kelly      Sphinx  AC
Men’s team result
28  1551  Sphinx AC  ( 76 260 276 289 322 328 )

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