Results for Leicester, Rutland and Warwickshire championships, 25/26-May-2013

Annie Cox, Joseph Gilkes and Alfie Meade represented Sphinx AC in this track and field meeting.

Official results will be posted here when they’re available on the web. Nick Gilkes has kindly provided a PDF with the provisional results.

800m under 15 girls final

234 W Rebecca Lord Leamington Cand AC 2.23.75 U15G
231 W Isobel Davis Leamington Cand AC 2.27.24 U15G
248 W Louisa Webber Solihull and Small Heath AC 2.31.01 U15G
246 W Katie Mladenovic Solihull and Small Heath AC 2.33.63 U15G
249 W Annie Cox Sphinx AC 2.37.81 U15G
238 W Laura Richardson Royal Sutton Coldfield AC 2.41.12 U15G
222 W Tara Burton Birchfield Harriers 2.41.75 U15G
251 W Harriet Flynn Stratford Upon Avon AC 2.49.60 U15G

1500m under 15 boys final

128 L Ben Dijkstra Leicester Coritanian AC 4.12.19 U15B
420 W Tom Dodd Birchfield Harriers 4.12.61 U15B
124 L Isaac Akers Corby AC 4.22.92 U15B
127 L Pascal Bouttier-Butler Leicester Coritanian AC 4.32.95 U15B
122 L Joseph Pollard Charnwood AC 4.34.03 U15B
118 L George Burnett Charnwood AC 4.35.45 U15B
435 W Daniel Wilkinson Leamington Cand AC 4.41.27 U15B
441 W Alfie Meade Sphinx AC 4.42.19 U15B
429 W Thomas Hopkins Coventry Godiva Harriers 4.52.18 U15B
154 L Simranjit Singh Thandi Saffron AC 5.00.57 U15B
424 W Thomas Mansfield Birchfield Harriers 5.04.61 U15B
436 W Finn Hutton Rugby and Northampton AC 5.17.59 U15B
437 W Daniel Adam Solihull and Small Heath AC 5.45.26 U15B
Long jump under 15 boys
115 L Zayn Hakeem - Unattached - 5.30 U15B
123 L Ivan Tapper Charnwood AC 5.18 U15B
120 L Edward Jones Charnwood AC 4.34 U15B
423 W Jordan Lloyd Birchfield Harriers 5.43 U15B
440 W Joseph Gilkes Sphinx AC 4.70 U15B
444 W Nathan Taylor Stratford Upon Avon AC 4.66 U15B
436 W Finn Hutton Rugby and Northampton AC 4.44 U15B
426 W Owen Morris Birchfield Harriers 4.41 U15B

High Jump under 13 Boys, under 15 Boys
618 L K-Ryan Hinds Leicester Coritanian AC 1.61 U15B
610 L Oliver Helps Charnwood AC 1.58 U15B
625 L Jordan Henry Saffron AC 1.15 U15B
704 W Zachary Elliott Birchfield Harriers 1.40 U13B
708 W Cian Hutton Rugby and Northampton AC 1.20 U13B
707 W Eddie Baker Rugby and Northampton AC 1.10 U13B
718 W Charlie Barkway Leamington Cand AC 1.55 U15B
727 W James Gionis Stratford Upon Avon AC 1.45 U15B
724 W Joseph Gilkes Sphinx AC 1.40 U15B
720 W Finn Hutton Rugby and Northampton AC 1.40 U15B

Annie, Jospeh and Alfie.
Photo by Nick Gilkes

Joseph, mid-jump!
Photo by Colin Underhill

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