Results for Kenilworth Half Marathon, 26-Sep-2010

Twenty-seven Sphinx AC runners ran this popular local event, with an incredible number of PBs.

Official results are here:

11 01:21:21 Mark Smith MV35
65 01:30:00 Bryan Pears MV35
68 01:30:11 Collin Taylor MV45
70 01:30:17 Garry Barnes MV45
71 01:30:21 Stuart Banbrook MV45
83 01:32:02 Darron Handley MV35
86 01:32:07 Steve Court MV45
90 01:32:34 Mike Wall SM
109 01:34:46 Mallory English SF
128 01:36:37 Mitch Timms MV45
157 01:39:13 Barry Burrows SM
161 01:39:27 Bernard Blundell MV35
166 01:39:45 Lucy Smith FV35
211 01:42:42 Charlie Foster MV35
224 01:43:38 Andy Norton MV45
269 01:47:52 Ashley Miles MV35
(confirmed as NOT Ash and he didn’t give his number away)
277 01:48:21 Jackie Timms MV35
292 01:49:02 Alan Patrick MV35
322 01:51:20 Will Robertson MV35
329 01:51:58 Pete Morgan MV35
388 01:57:35 Bob Torley MV45
425 02:02:16 Lorraine Gordon MV35
450 02:04:49 Mary Bench FV45
454 02:05:23 Tracey Higgins FV35
492 02:09:08 Mick Irwin MV35
496 02:09:55 Karen Lawlor FV45
541 02:28:04 Heather Barrett FV55 *

* Ahem.

We all know that there isn’t really such a thing as a “PB” for half marathons, only course bests. However, a significant number of runners smashed their best times for a half marathon:

Runner Kenilworth Previous PB Difference
Blundell, Bernard 1:39:27 1:45:06 0:05:39
Burrows, Barry 1:39:13 1:43:39 0:04:26
English, Mallory 1:34:46 1:44:10 0:09:24
Foster, Charlie 1:42:42 1:55:33 0:12:51
Morgan, Pete 1:51:58 1:53:20 0:01:22
Robertson, Will 1:51:09 unknown
Smith, Lucy 1:39:45 1:42:35 0:02:50
Smith, Mark 1:21:21 1:27:43 0:06:22
Timms, Jackie 1:48:21 1:51:33 0:03:12
Timms, Mitch 1:36:37 1:41:15 0:04:38

Serious congratulations to Charlie Foster, who destroyed his half marathon time by nearly thirteen minutes – nearly a minute per mile. That’s just incredible.

A notable mention should also go to Mike Wall, who has only taken up running this year. Mike’s a recent recruit to the club, having been press-ganged at the ParkRun. This was his first half marathon and as you can see from the results, he finished within 30 seconds or so of seasoned veterans such as Daz and Steve. Similary, Mallory is a relatively new member and is going from strength to strength and I think we’ll see great things from her over the next few years.

A great gallery of photos taken by Mark Coyle is available here:

This isn’t the place to analyse the reasons behind all these successes but the number and scale of these PBs are testament to the nature and the variety of the training that we do at (and with) Sphinx. I personally feel that doing the ParkRun every week has helped me to get faster. My legs definitely feel stronger due to core training on Mondays and the hill reps and fartlek sessions have both had dramatic and measurable effects on my running as well.

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