Results for Hilly 100, 22-May-2011

Fourteen Sphinx AC runners battled heat, headwinds and hills in this tough all-dayer.

The 100-mile course comprised of ten 10-mile legs, some of which were subsequently divided into two halves.

Official results are here (XLS spreadsheet):

Leg  1: Helen Rathbone    0:56:15        Sally Parkins     0:36:07Leg  2: Sam Peach         0:41:16        Will Robertson    0:42:26Leg  3: Simon Wilson      0:48:25        Fintan McSharry   0:46:50Leg  4: Ashley Miles      1:02:54Leg  5: Tracey Higgins    0:44;11        Lorraine Gordon   0:51:48Leg  6: Paul Kenning      1:20:54Leg  7: Charlie Foster    1:25:14Leg  8: Bern Blundell     1:23:26Leg  9: Pete Morgan       1:45:19 *Leg 10: Mallory English   1:10:03Total            15:12:38

* Pete was doomed by level crossings, cows crossing, and crossed wires (whe navigating to the hand-over venue). You could easily knock 20 minutes off his total elapsed time to give his actual running time.

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