Results for Hatton 5, 03-Oct-2010

Nine Sphinx AC runners took part in this wet and muddy five miler at Hatton Country World, with Mallory English winning the FU20 first prize.

The most official-looking results we’ve been able to find are here (PDF file):

15 00:35:45 Mike Wall M.Open
21 00:36:44 Ben Orme M50+
24 00:37:11 Kevin Naughton M50+
27 00:37:32 Myles Davies M40-50
32 00:38:39 Mallory English FU20
37 00:38:59 Bernard Blundell M40-50
42 00:39:57 Mitch Timms M50+
65 00:45:45 Bob Torley M50+
80 01:00:04 Maggie Morgan F35-45

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