Results for Godiva Autumnal 5, 22-Aug-2012

Twelve Sphinx AC runners took part in this 5-mile race at Coventry Memorial Park, with Ashley Miles and Jackie Stuart both winning first-in-category.

Official results are here:

Pos Name Cat Time
9 Ashley Miles M40 27:45 (Category winner)
20 Justin Smith M40 29:20
25 Kyza Derby SM 29:54
85 Darron Handley M45 34:19
91 Pete Haughton SM 34:46 (PB)
94 Mitch Timms M50 35:18
100 Phillip Wilson M50 35:38
165 Jackie Stuart W55 41:02 (Category winner)
192 Christine Thomas W40 46:55
193 Tom Marchi M70 47:41
199 Fiona Quinn SW 49:49
200 Janine Miles W35 50:04

Ben Orme has contributed some great photos:

Some more photos are here but many are blurry due to fading light:

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