Results for Gloucester XC (men), 01-Dec-2012

Fourteen Sphinx AC men travelled to the waterlogged venue in Gloucester for the second of this season’s Birmingham league XC races.

Official results are here (PDF):

 34  37:34  Ashley   Miles 61  39:37  Andrejs  Blakunovs 86  40:46  Justin   Smith 89  40:53  Quentin  Henry109  42:15  Nick     Gilkes121  42:38  Mike     Wall138  43:21  Pete     Hall145  43:36  Adam     Barnes158  44:47  Trevor   Clark168  45:27  Ben      Orme185  47:56  Wayne    Broadbent201  50:38  Craig    Pears207  52:06  Dave     KellyDNF         Bernard  Blundell

Some photos:

Despite being an improvement over the first race at Newbold Coymn, we are not out of the danger zone yet and must continue to field our best runners for as many races as possible. The next race is being hosted by Sphinx AC at Wyken Croft on Saturday 12 January.

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