Results for Fairlands Valley Challenge, 17-Jul-2011

Kev Naughton and Rob Anderson represented Sphinx AC today in these off-road events.

Official results are here:

Kev ran the 18.7 mile race:

31 2009 Kevin Naughton Sphinx AC 18.7m R 10:00 12:50 2:50

Rob ran the 12.3 mile race but (at the time of writing), he’s not in the official results

Rob said:

“Kev Naughton & I ran the Fairlands Valley Challenge today, Kev ran the 18miler, though i’m not quite sure of his time, probably best to let him confirm it to you, and i ran the 12.3miler (don’t ask me what the 0.3m is all about, that’s just what it said on the route card!) in boots and a 40Lb Bergen in 2hrs 47mins 33secs.

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