Results for Coventry triathlon, 03-Jun-2012

Three Sphinx AC athletes took part in the first Coventry triathlon. The events were 400m swim, 20km cycle, 5km Run.

Official results are here:

Pos Name Time Swim Cycle Run
50 Darron Handley 1:19:59 0:09:34 0:43:37 0:22:54
52 Wayne Broadbent 1:20:11 0:08:31 0:44:48 0:23:42
82 Chris Foxall 1:26:06 0:09:04 0:46:50 0:23:50

Many thanks to Darron Handley and Michelle Broadbent for supplying these results. Due to the bad weather on the day, there aren’t many photos of the event available but if some become available they will be posted here.

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