Results for Coventry schools’ cross-country, 06-Nov-2012

The final schools cross country league race (incorporating the Coventry Championships) took place at Woodlands school on Tuesday 6th November.

Age Group Name Championship
3rd league race
Final league position
Year 7 girls Olivia Tait
(Chris Tait’s daughter)
30th =23rd
Year 7 boys Luke Sullivan 26th =27th
Year 8/9 Rachel Downing 2nd (year 8)
girls Emma Handley 15th 8th (year 8)
Eleanor Bonas 4th 3rd (year 9)
Year 8/9 Thomas Hopkins 1st 1st (year 9)
boys Joseph Gilkes 5th 2nd (year 9)
Liam Brown 5th (year 8)
Year 10/11 Ed Broadberry 3rd 3rd
boys Mitchell Rose 9th
Chris Rouse 10th 12th
Year 12/13 Catherine Gough 2nd 2nd
girls Hannah Downing 3rd
Year 12/13 John Mallon 1st 2nd
boys Manveer Sahota 3rd
Adam Morrissey 2nd 4th

Results supplied by Jackie Stuart

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