Results for Commando Challenge, 09-Oct-2010

Rob Anderson represented Sphinx AC in this tough miltary-style event.

No official results have been published to date; they should eventually be published here:

In Rob’s own words:

I took part in the Royal Marines Commando Challenge on Saturday 9th October 2010.

This is an annual team event run by the Royal Marines to raise funds for local charities, with the money raised being split between the Devon Air Ambulance and The C Group, which supports injured Royal Marines.

A total of 822 teams took part in the event over the weekend.

The participants, who ranged in age from 16 to 70-plus, travelled from as far as Scotland to complete the cross-country endurance event on Woodbury Common in East Devon, now in its 20th year, with places being filled more than two months in advance.

I was part of a team of eight who completed the 10K course.

The course itself is the Royal Marines Endurance Course, consisting of two 3K multi-terrain runs (mainly uphill of course) split by a 4K obstacle course with a host of obstacles including culverts, deep pools, underground tunnels, deep pete bogs, stoney tracks and a fully submerged underwater tunnel.

Rob also provided some library photos of the kind of obstacles that he faced:

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