Results for Centurions’ Grand Prix, 14-Apr-2013

Eleven Sphinx AC runners took part in the final race of this season’s 5-mile races.

Conditions were bright and dry but the wind was the strongest that anybody could remember for this venue. This made the run noticeably harder than usual and PBs were out of the question. Being the last run of the series, qualifying runners took home a commemorative glass.

Official results are here (PDF):

7 Kyza Derby 30:22 M
11 Quentin Henry 32:01 M
16 Trevor Clark 34:07 MV50
21 Luke Makins 35:14 M
26 Nigel Bassnett 36:25 MV45
28 Mitch Timms 36:43 MV50
30 Bernard Blundell 37:04 MV40
35 Wayne Broadbent 38:08 M
49 Paul Cozens 40:25 MV50
59 Karen Timothy 44:46 FV50
67 Fiona Quinn 48:24 F

Mitch won a cash prize for his run* and – more importantly – a box of choccies in the raffle!

*To clarify, the prize that Mitch won was for 2nd place in the MV55 category. Even though listed in the official results as MV50, that was his category at the start of the race series in November last year.

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