Results for Centurions Grand Prix, 08-Jan-2012

10 Sphinx AC and Saracens runners took part in the latest of this season’s Centurions Grand Prix series, with Jackie Timms, Gerry Anstiss and Quentin Henry all enjoying course PBs.

Official results are here:

25 Quentin Henry 34:00 M Sphinx AC (PB)
30 Mark Coyle 34:13 MV45 Sphinx AC
54 Mitch Timms 36:40 MV50 Sphinx AC
55 Luke Makins 36:44 M Sphinx AC
63 Bernard Blundell 37:32 MV40 Sphinx AC
88 Gerry Antiss 40:52 MV55 Saracens RC (PB)
92 Jackie Timms 41:12 FV40 Sphinx AC (PB)
99 Paul Cozens 42:19 MV50 Sphinx AC
110 Laura Pibworth 42:51 F Sphinx AC
124 Julie Cozens 46:56 FV45 Sphinx AC

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