Results for Centurions’ Grand Prix, 04-Nov-2012

Sixteen Sphinx AC runners ran the first race of this year’s popular Centurions’ Grand Prix series.

Official results are here (PDF):

14  Quentin    Henry      30:34  M18  Kyza       Derby      31:37  M26  Luke       Makins     32:54  M37  Wayne      Broadbent  34:29  M     (PB)40  Philip     Wilson     34:46  MV5044  Peter      Haughton   35:37  M47  Nigel      Bassnett   36:16  MV45  (Raffle prize winner!)49  Bernard    Blundell   36:41  MV4066  Jackie     Stuart     40:07  FV5573  Laura      Pibworth   41:39  F82  Karen      Timothy    42:59  FV5084  Mary       Bench      43:32  FV5087  Christine  Thomas     44:20  FV4089  Amy        Frank      44:47  F90  Fiona      Quinn      45:24  F     (PB)91  Mitch      Timms      45:25  MV50
Conditions were pretty grotty and no team photo was taken! Louis Satterthwaite took some photos, the first of the 5-mile race is here:

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