Results for Caythorpe dash, 09-Feb-2014

Five Sphinx AC runners travelled to Lincolnshire for this off-road half marathon.

Official results hadn’t been published online at the time of writing, but some had been circulated by email. They will eventually appear here:

 29  Steve   Colbourne  01:50:53=65  Mitch   Timms      02:05:26=65  Andy    McIntosh   02:05:26=82  Jackie  Timms      02:14:10=82  Laura   Pibworth   02:14:10

Mitch provided this excellent write-up:

A hidden gem this one! Five of us made the 70 mile trip to the village of Caythorpe in Lincolnshire for an ‘off-road’ half-marathon over the ‘flat’ countryside. A nice day for running with temperatures around 10 degrees meant that the only weather hazard was the wind, from which there was very little protection as we crossed the open fields. The course itself had everything, tracks and trails through copses, ploughed muddy fields, stiles, kissing gates, a stretch right through a church graveyard and probably 3 miles or so on road.We also encountered possibly the only hill in the whole of Lincolnshire, from the top of which we could just about see Belgium in the distance! We were encouraged to enter as a team at £10 a head, 2 males and 2 females, and Steve Colbourne entered as an individual. The entire event was organised by the villagers for the villagers with the locals providing the marshalls and preparing the food at the end with all proceeds going to Caythorpe itself . This was the ‘Winter Woodhouse Eaves’ with a veritable feast at the end – homemade soup (three choices), hot dogs with Linconshire sausages, homemade apple pie and crumble and/or bread and butter pudding, (with no limits, so a certain farmer took full advantage!) and free tea and coffee for all. Already pencilled in for 2015 and definitely a top five event, it had everything you could want. Thanks finally to Andy McIntosh for driving us and to Steve for explaining exactly what to look for when judging ‘best of breed’ at a rabbit show (you had to be there).

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