Results for Ashby 20, 09-Mar-2014

Thirteen Sphinx AC runners ran this hot’n’hilly 20-miler in the delightful Leicestershire countryside.

Official results are here:

271  02:37:54  757   Stuart       Atkinson289  02:39:26  955   Bryan        Pears319  02:40:59  759   Stuart       Banbrook566  02:58:15  523   Sally        Parkins567  02:58:15  701   Andy         Wilkinson579  02:58:49  805   Christopher  Foxall593  02:59:38  28    Hamilton     Ngan694  03:08:52  1075  Steven       Osmond707  03:09:54  371   Laura        Pibworth809  03:18:13  626   Mary         Bench810  03:18:13  623   Karen        Timothy858  03:25:37  484   Wendy        Foxall966  03:40:17  954   Ian          Ward

This was the longest race that both Steven Osmond and Wendy Foxall have participated in, and with the surprisingly warm conditions it was a bit of a baptism of fire!

This event is superbly organised and is highly recommended for anybody preparing for a spring marathon (eg. London, Manchester, Stratford). The course is a pan-shaped, with a two-mile in/out stretch and two eight-mile loops. It’s a bit slopey in places but there are plenty of water stations (with quite a lot of gels on offer too) and lots of encouragement in the residential areas.

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