Results for Arden 9, 23-Jun-2013

Seventeen Eighteen Sphinx AC runners took part in this popular local event over an uncommon distance.

Conditions were variable! The race started with an overcast sky, but it quickly cleared and things warmed up – but then there was the odd shower and the heavens opened just as things were wrapping up at the venue. The run itself was mostly over public roads but there was stretch around/near a fishing lake and the final uphill stretch was quite a sting in the tail. Facilities were excellent – mugs of hot tea and coffee, cakes, indoor seating, ample car parking. Congratulations to Knowle & Dorridge for the excellent organisation and event management.

Official results are here:

23 54:49 Kyza Derby M16-34
31 56:03 Andy Wilkinson M35-44
38 57:00 Ian Wilkinson M35-44
45 58:18 Paul Slatford M16-34
55 59:58 Michael Wall M16-34
71 61:20 Rob Wheatley M35-44
112 64:31 Mitch Timms M55+
168 69:18 Hamilton Ngan M35-44
174 69:57 Paul Cozens M55+
192 71:09 Bernard Blundell M35-44
195 71:24 Wilson Alex M45-54
213 72:52 Steven Osmond M35-44
244 75:11 Christopher Foxall M35-44
267 77:49 Mary Bench F45-54
268 77:49 Karen Timothy F45-54
275 78:26 Laura Pibworth F16-34
276 78:27 Luke Makins M16-34
331 89:49 Emma Hartwell F16-34

Our old friend, Lucy Smith, did rather well too!

63 60:37 Lucy Smith F35-44

Wendy Foxall took some photos at the final corner:

Louis Satterthwaite took a large number of photos too:

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