Results for A Coventry Way challenge, 15-Apr-2012

Four Sphinx AC club members took part in this 40-mile run/walk challenge around the outskirts of Coventry.

Official results are here:

  • Note that this isn’t a permanent, reliable link. Although it’s not working at the time of writing, it’s quite likely that the 2012 results will be reliably found at

Pos Name Start Finish Elapsed
5 Steve Colbourne 08:04 14:54 06:50
86 David Kelly 06:01 17:54 11:53
162 Jane Edwards 05:42 19:00 13:18
172 Karen Timothy 05:42 19:18 13:36

Kevin Naughton contributed this update:

I accompanied Colbourne to Brinklow (22.6 miles) clocking 3.45 then bailed out ‘retired’.

[…] Craig Pears retired at Bedworth (30 miles) after starting at 5.45AM. I have no clock time for him, sorry.

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