Result for Malvern Marathon, 19-Jun-2010

Rob Anderson ran the Malvern Midsummer Marathon yesterday, complete with boots and 42lb bergen. Straight from the horses’s mouth:

Rob Anderson

I did the Malvern Midsummer Marathon yesterday, bloody hell this one’s a toughie, up and down all the Malvern Hills!

I did it in boots with a 42Lb Bergen on, and got round in 9hrs 10mins, and my legs shoulders and back are suitably aching today!

Official results will appear via the link below when ready.

Tragically, the official results are not going to be available until 8 July, which seems somewhat crass in this day and age.

I personally don’t know whether to congratulate Rob on this outstanding display of endurance, or call the authorities to get him locked up!

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