Result for Birmingham triathlon (sprint), 21-Jul-2013

Gerry Anstiss represented Sphinx AC in the sprint triathlon event in Birmingham over the weekend, finishing third in his category overall.

Official results are here (PDF, may suffer long-term link rot):

Pos Overall No. Name Gen Cat CatPos
264 01:46:50.55 540 Gerry Anstiss M 60-64 3/6

Stage Time Cat Overall
750m swim 00:20:44.20 5 253
T1 00:07:55.50 6 300
20k bike 00:42:39.00 2 189
T2 00:03:30.80 4 294
5k run 00:32:01.05 3 267

Gerry said:

“swim 750m 20:44 (but probably a lot of zi-zagging), bike 20km (good for me) 42:39, run 5km 32:01 (jelly legs). Transitions very poor because I was too late to set up properly and I can’t change shoes without kneeling down”

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