Result for Beachy Head Junior 3 KM, 23-Oct-2010

Craig Pears represented Sphinx AC in the longest of the three junior events that were staged once the main marathon had started.

Official results are here (PDF file):

Number Name Time
161 Phil Done 13:19
162 Craig Pears 13:59
152 Charlie Mercer 14:08

Myles Davies contributed this result, along with a description of a heart-warming display of sportsmanship from 3rd place, Charlie Mercer:

Craig [finished] 2nd overall in 13:59. This was despite being sent in the wrong direction by a marshal and actually finishing 3rd over the line – the lad who crossed the line in 2nd spoke to the organisers after he saw what had happened and between them they agreed to swap the finishing order over.

Well done, Craig.

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