Leicester Half Marathon

Thank you to Ellie for the following write up

Leicester Half Marathon was completed by ten Sphinxes in extremely wet weather conditions infact we were like drowned rats by the end but that didn’t put us off!!! David Brewis came in an amazing 7th place and got a PB in the process!  Jack Edwards and Ellie Davies got PBs as well.


Chip time  Participant  Category Speed Pace
01:17:08 David Brewis (M) SEN 9.98 mph 6:00 min/mile
01:23:15 Jack Edwards (M) SEN 9.43 mph 6:21 min/mile
01:40:32 Lucian Morogan (M) SEN 7.68 mph 7:48 min/mile
01:41:54 Mark Norman (M) SEN 7.65 mph 7:50 min/mile
01:43:46 Andy Mcintosh (M) V40 7.45 mph 8:03 min/mile
01:43:44 Jane Edwards (F) V50 7.45 mph 8:03 min/mile
01:47:19 Ellie Davies (F) V40 7.20 mph 8:19 min/mile
01:47:22 Narinder Bains (M) V50 7.20 mph 8:20 min/mile
01:48:29 Alan Patrick (M) V40 7.12 mph 8:25 min/mile
01:53:40 Sam Ward (M) SEN 6.84 mph 8:46 min/mile

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