Is it a dance? The “Bergin wiggle” has now entered our vernacular!

Muhammad Ali gave us the “Ali Shuffle”. Dick Fosbury gave us the “Fosbury Flop”. Sphinx AC cornerstone Paul Bergin has now unleashed the “Bergin wiggle”!

A number of us Sphinx AC runners were out yesterday plotting the route of the 2011 Sphinx AC Coombe 8. We’re forced to introduce slight course variations from year to year as it’s a live country estate, with field boundary changes, plantations, livestock requirements etc. This year’s course is an absolute belter, made all the more interesting by a “Bergin wiggle” or two – unexpected twists and turns that will delight and surprise the runners!

The final course will be re-run in a couple of weeks, allowing us to set reasonably accurate mile markers and an overall distance. We’ll publish a Garmin plot of the course for you when it’s ready.

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